Scaling Up of Sanitation in 12 districts

Scaling Up of Sanitation in 12 districts

Empowering artisans through sustainable sanitation management skills.

The project aimed at improving the livelihood, environmental hygiene management and coverage in 12 districts by improving hygiene awareness and providing training in the construction of latrine components for local artisans.

Project activities included:

  • Development of promotion package
  • Carrying out of sanitation drive (training, installation) and promoting the use of SanPlat/Sungura slabs in latrines
  • Construction of squatting plates (Sungura) and lids
  • Information dissemination and social marketing of SanPlat/Sungura slabs to the communities
  • Assistance of trainees in the formation of production centers for manufacturing latrine slabs and the establishment of a delivery system to the households

: September – December 2007
Location: 12 districts, Tanzania
Project funding: Ministry of Water
More information: Download project fact sheet