Baseline Survey for ISSUE 2 Program

Baseline Survey for ISSUE 2 Program

Integrated support for a sustainable urban environment.

EEPCO carried out a baseline survey for the ISSUE 2 programme, which focuses on solving sanitation and solid waste problems following the total community participation approach.

Methodologies applied for producing the baseline survey included: literature review and consultation with key stakeholders, focus group discussions, fieldwork data collection and data analysis. The survey covered three wards of Arusha Municipality and gathered important insight into sanitation, solid waste management and main sanitation and solid waste problems. Furthermore, recommended interventions with regard to excreta disposal and solid waste management were named and explained.

In order to ensure the total community participation approach, EEPCO established a consortium formed by members from the private sector, the public sector and the government.

Time: January 2008 – December 2009
Location: Sokoni1, Lemara & Daraja2, Arusha, Tanzania
Project funding: WASTE
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