Sanitation Promotion and Training

Sanitation Promotion and Training

Sanitation training and promotion of SanPlat latrines for local artisans.

The training, both theoretical and practical, was carried out for local artisans, health officers and members of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. The use of SanPlat latrines and similar technologies was promoted.
The training enabled its participants to:

  • identify diseases related to poor sanitation and to promote the hygienic use of latrines and handwashing
  • be familiar with the construction steps of various technological sanitation options, including SanPlat latrines
  • estimate costs of different sanitation options and produce suitable options which communities can afford
  • form a production centre for some of the sanitary ware

Project achievements:

  • Training of 121 people from five districts of Unguja
  • Construction of 18 demonstration latrines (EcoSan, Pour Flush, SanPlat, Ventilated Pit, Improved Pit Latrine)
  • Sanitation promotion in 5 districts
  • Development of action plans in each district
  • Formation of 23 production centers

: September 2010 – October 2010
Location: Unguja Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Project funding: UNICEF
More information: Download project fact sheet