Improving the living environment of Tanzania by designing and implementing environmentally oriented projects and strengthening local capacity in human resource development.

Who we are

EEPCO (Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control Organization) is a national NGO based in Dar es Salaam and operating throughout Tanzania. The organization was founded by ten qualified environmental engineers on 18th December 1993 and incorporated under the law of Tanzania through the Ministry of home Affairs in the society ordinance of 1954 with registration certificate No. SO.8014.

Our Mission

EEPCO aims to find means to properly identify, analyze, describe and solve environmental problems. It is crucial to make such problems more transparent to the government and civil society and hence design ways of meeting the current and future environmental challenges. In order to accomplish our activities, EEPCO members are united under the spirit of committment, accountability, respect, effectiveness, diversity and collective responsibility.

How we work

EEPCO is operating as a not-for-profit organization with the following principal objectives:
-to identify environmental problems in Tanzania
-to do research and data-banking on environmental issues
-to provide solutions and engineering designs
-to provide training for our members
-to do environmental impact assessments
-to implement design solutions and provide consultancy services
-to communicate and cooperate with the government and other organizations and institutions to improve and share knowledge and strategies

Our Network

We collaborate with other NGOs, the private sector, the government and committed individuals on environmental issues, both on a national and international level. Our work is supported by a strong network encompassing affected communities, professionals and decision-makers. Our network is continuously developing through interactions based on the exchange of know-how, awareness creation and project implementations.

You can browse and download publications by EEPCO members here