EEPCO offers extensive expertise and high quality consultancy and project management services.

Currently, we are working in the following fields:

Water Supply

EEPCO has been working hard to keep pace with the fast-growing demand for reliable, sustainable water services in urban and rural areas of Tanzania.

Our experience in the water sector comprises planning, evaluation, design, construction, inspection and operation.

EEPCO services include:

- comprehensive water-conservation programs,

- construction of water infrastructure,

- capacity building and training programs (training of stakeholders to efficiently plan,

implement, operate, and maintain water supply systems)

- improve and expand the delivery of water services in rural areas

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Sanitation Promotion and Training

The objective of sanitation promotion and training projects is to improve public and private sanitation facilities and to further improve personal, household and community hygiene behavior, especially those relating to the sanity disposal of human waste, wastewater, hand washing and solid waste. EEPCO has conducted sanitation promotion and training in more than 20 towns throughout Tanzania.

Sanitation promotion and training services can be provided independently or in conjunction with our water supply services.

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School Sanitation

EEPCO has been implementing school sanitation projects (WASH) for more than 10 years, working together with national and international partners (e.g. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Water, Unicef, GIZ, SNV). We consider schools as excellent entry points for the introduction of appropriate and carefully targeted WASH programs. Our experience in school WASH includes planning, evaluation, design, construction, inspection and training.

The objectives of school sanitation projects comprise:

- construction/improvement of facilities

- improve personal and community hygiene behavior (e.g. disposal of human waste and

wastewater, hand washing and handling of solid waste)

- hygiene education, facilitation of school sanitation (WASH) clubs

- reduction of water and sanitation related diseases

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Wastewater and Solid Waste Treatment

EEPCO’s environmental engineering team has a broad experience and expertise in designing and implementing innovative, cost-effective technologies and treatment solutions for urban and rural areas. We have successfully worked together with numerous municipalities, investor-owned utilities, NGOs and private sector clients.

Our services include:

-consultancy in wastewater and solid waste treatment

- solid waste transfer stations

- drainage systems

- management of air pollution

- storm water management

- management of hazardous substances

- Circular Economy

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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

EEPCO has many years experience in providing Environmental and Social Impact Assessment services for design, construction and facility management, enabling us to be your single source solution to complex environmental issues. Various projects have already been implemented in Tanzania, the most recent one being the Environmental Impact Assessment of Serengeti Water and Sanitation Project.


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